To apply store credit:

1) Log into your Teabox account

2) At the time of payment, a Store Credit tab will appear in you have any store credit balance left. Check the store credit box to confirm the usage of Store credit as a method of payment.

3) If order amount exceeds the the store credit, please select any other payment option such as Paypal or Card to proceed further with the transaction. In the image below, the Total Order value exceeds the store credit and so the difference can be paid using a Credit Card or Paypal.

In case your Store Credit is less than your order value, the difference amount will be available to use on any future order. However, if your store credit matches the Total Order Value, you will not have to pay anything to continue with the purchase.

4) Once you've selected the Store Credit option, you can proceed with the 'Review Order before payment' button and finally confirm the order in the next stage.